Linkage: Valentine’s Day Hangovers

Aoefe Ansar — ‘Life is a box of chocolates choose a delicious one’

Nahida (the fatal feminist) — valentine’s

Sarah Farrukh — Loving Humanity: Not your typical Valentine’s Day musings

Maggie McNeill (The Honest Courtesan)– Skin to Skin, St. Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day
Did you know that V-day originated has dark cannibalistic origins?

At any rate, I’ve been persuaded sex workers can provide a very important outlet for the disabled. Healthworkers are allowed under UK law to enable their clients to fix an appointment with a sex worker. However, sex workers should be protected and regulated (i.e. their work legalised!); nevermind the risk of rape/assault and sexually transmitted infections, they can be so vulnerable to economical exploitation.

RedPillWifery — The Word of The Day is PANTIES, My Red Valentine
I do admit loving the word ;p

SingleGirlie — Valentine’s Candy Messages for the Cynical Single Person

Ally Fogg (Heteronormative Patriarchy for Men) — What do men see when they see Page 3?
Page 3 of the UK Sun tabloid classically features an attractive, topless woman.

Cassandra(Villainous Company) — Men Face “Flexibility Stigma”

Susan Walsh (Hooking Up Smart) — What Makes A Great Marriage?

Haley’s Halo — Reasons you might still be single despite your plentiful inner beauty

Andrew (The Rules Revisited) — Female Game for Women in Their 30s, What Men Think About Valentine’s Day

Athol Kay (Married Man Sex Life) — How to Fair Warning A Husband That Doesn’t Listen (Before Things Are Too Late to Fix), The Elephant In the Room (Help Me, Help You)

Le Kemal — Memoricide, Feminism, the Manosphere, and Discourses

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